Remember that Joe Biden is a war criminal complicit in Genocide who has attacked the rule of international law. He too is opposed to the rule of law. We must go outside the duopoly to have any possibility of positive change.

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Democracy requires principled, moral choices

If we believe we’re choosing a lesser evil between

* an insurrectionist, racist, misogynist, felon, convicted rapist and fraudster, a lying climate denier, and

* a genocide arms provider, who voted 3 times against a ceasefire, with blood on his hands of over 15,000 dead children and their family members, a war hawk who already bombed 5 Muslim countries this year, an on-again, off-again climate advocate,

are we not truly choosing between evil and evil?

Is convincing ourselves that one of these is less evil and voting for him a principled, moral decision?

If we are principled and vote our conscience for an alternate, we support democracy, and send a message that we do not support any evil but are a moral force to be reckoned with!

And we keep our conscience intact.

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Jim, thanks for tracking these momentous moments. I'm also tracking as a Public Theologian. Here's one of mine, "It was a disgrace!" https://www.patheos.com/blogs/publictheology/2024/05/this-was-a-disgrace-sin-12/

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Thank you Jim and Bill S for speaking the truth.

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Just FYI - I am developing a four session series on your book, “The False White Gospel” along with “When God Became White” by Grace Ji-Sun Kim. Thank you 🙏

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You sure have imbued president Trump with a lot of power. I support him as the lesser of two evils. He, however does not make me lawless or a liar. I'm not sure how this is "God's word"! Poppycock!

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