The conversation centers around one of Jim's longstanding missions: expanding contemporary Christians' moral imaginations.
I'm taking a brief break from weekly columns to write a book about White Christian Nationalism and how the true message of Jesus could help us fulfill…
Today is the second anniversary of the violent insurrection in the U.S. Capitol. It is also the Christian Day of Epiphany.
Every year, there is a point in the Christmas season when a particular Christmas carol deeply touches my emotions.
Faith advocates across religious and political boundaries have been trying to make themselves heard during final negotiations over the government…
How Raphael Warnock defeated the devil of white supremacy down in Georgia
While Donald Trump dined with anti-Semites and hatemongers, a man of true faith and public service passed away.
First, I sit down for a few minutes and think about some of the people I am most thankful for, and then I take the time to personally thank them.
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